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Spotify Is the Best Thing Ever!

I love listening to music! Music is  the best ever. I listen to music—any type, any time. Like most people, I listen to music depending on my mood or depending on the season. Is that just me? For example, I listen to county music only in the summer. It just seems more fun, light, summer-y. I adore listening to Hunter Hayes right now. I’m also into Phillip Phillips and sometimes I am a Jason Aldean person.

Spotify is THE app for music♥ like me. It’s a great desktop app and there are mobile apps for both apple and android products. The desktop app basically holds almost every produced music in the world. The user can make playlists, according to their liking.For example, I have 

—Random Favorites: (which basically holds *all* of my favorite songs. every variety) 

—Cello: which holds my favorite classical music that I listen to when I study. :)

—Epic Movie Soundtracks: umm…Titanic Overture! Who doesn’t like a good movie soundtrack for the epic times of your life? 

—International Songs: I have everything from French artists to Taiwanese singers. 

Basically, you can totally personalize your music and build your own viral musical world. You can import your local Itunes and Windows Media Player into Spotify so that you have one place for all of your favorite music! And guess what? IT’S ABSOLUTELY FREE! The download is free. The desktop app is free. The mobile apps are free. The radio is free. It’s absolutely free. It’s beautiful. 

This screenshot isn’t mine. It’s just an example. :) 

The link to download the spotify app is here:

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